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If the software you or your company are using is unable to perform all required tasks. Or maybe your company specifications are nonstandard. Then the best way is, to profit programmers facilities. In that case you will solve your problems quickly, you will increase your work productivity, yield and your work quality will be much greater. Sometimes directors of companies even don’t know that they can make their business much simpler by using IT facilities. IT is that range which re-buys fastest and need of them aren’t making any doubt. The last decade was IT decade. IT and electronics had changed humans life at home and at work a lot, in the future those changes only became bigger. If you want to win rivalry between you and your opponents you have to go step in step with the time or even be faster than it. So we are offering facilities who can give you opportunity to make this reality.

We provide these programming facilities:

•   Applications programming.
•   ERP systems programming.
• New software packages development, perfection, additional modules programming, care.
• Additional modules programming for existing software packages or applications.
• Information systems for companies intranet.
• Technologies we are using: MySQL, PHP, JAVA, C, C++, Delphi, HTML, CSS, APACHE, IIS and many others.
• Calendars
• Company and quality control systems
• Individual consultations

Every client is very valuable for us, we weill put all exertion to make you boast of our work.
Individual software is money saving, confortability, and crosscut to yours lucky future.
We will help you to solve all problems from IT area. We will save your money and make your business much better.